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Professional Chauffeur Only Hire

NTD Chauffeur Services Ltd offer our services as ROSPA or IAM qualified chauffeurs for clients who wish to travel in their own vehicles (subject to vehicle owner’s insurance policy).

Time permitting, our chauffeur can run errands and ensure your car is clean and tidy upon return.

Chauffeurs with shotgun licences are available upon request.

We appreciate new opportunities to offer our services to clients, our duties over the years have included:

  • Female chauffeur
  • Domestic chauffeur
  • Corporate chauffeur
  • Crew support
  • Tour/band driver
  • Film set driver
  • Event logistics management

Contact us and let’s see how we can help you today.

Security Detail services with SIA qualified chauffeurs

NTD Chauffeur Services Ltd has provided a wide variety of services for clients requiring increased security for their travel around the UK.

Whether seconded to join a clients’ security team or performing duties alone for VIP international visitors and senior executives, our chauffeurs have provided secure travel services for Heads of State convoys, non-publicised visits by public figures and celebrities during our years of operation.

Anonymity is assured with our low key vehicles and we are also able to source specific vehicles on request, in addition to our home fleet. Highly specialised vehicles, including armoured cars and teams can be arranged to suit your needs.

Please contact NTD Chauffeur Services Ltd by fax on +44 (0)1525 214762 for confidentiality.

At NTD Chauffeur Services Ltd, there is no higher responsibility than the safety and security of our valued passengers and our repeat customers attest to this.